Genocide Memorials Around the World

Student-Generated List of Memorials to Genocide Victims Around the World

New England Holocaust Memorial

University of Minnesota Holocaust Memorial

Killing Field Memorial to Cambodian Genocide

Hall of Remembrance US Holocaust Museum

Rwandan Genocide Museum in Kigali, Rwanda

Kigali, Rwanda Memorial Town Center

Through A Glass Darkly- Harvard University Genocide Memorial

Rwanda Archive and Memorial

Armenia Heritage Park Boston, MA

Armenia Genocide in Yerevan

Armenia Martyrs Memorial

Murambi Genocide Memorial

Darfur Memorial in Houston, TX

List of Cambodian Genocide Memorials Worldwide

Cheung Ek Genocide Memorial

9/11 Memorial in New York:  (though this was not a genocide, it is an example of a type of memorial that tries to create a certain type of visceral impact)

Cambodian Genocide Memorial in Phnom Penh

Armenian Genocide Memorial In Armenia

Holocaust Memorial Boston

Holocaust Memorial San Francisco:

Holocaust Memorial Berlin

Barefoot Artists Holocaust Memorial

List of Armenian Memorials

Mt. Davidson Cross to Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide Memorial Archive

US Holocaust Memorial, Washington, D.C.


BBC Article on the Rise of Genocide Memorials

Holocaust Memorial Miami, FL

Tsiternakeberd Genocide Memorial

Tuol Sleng Museum, Cambodian Genocide

Srebrencia Genocide Memorial

Bosnia Genocide Memorial

Nuremberg Trials Memorial (not sure if this counts as a memorial, but I thought it was a good example of the justice and judgement aspect and how that affects memory)

Memorial Hall of China

Ntarama and Nyamata Genocide Memorial Sites   

Cambodian Genocide

Penon Pehn Genocide Memorial



·       Armenian Genocide #3 (Self-Defense Battle Memorial)


·       Armenian Genocide #4


·       Holocaust Memorial #2 (Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe)


·       Holocaust Memorial #3 (Memorial to the Homosexuals)


·       Holocaust Memorial #4 (Memorial to the Roma and Sinti)


·       * Holocaust Memorial #5 *



·       USS Arizona Memorial (Pearl Harbor Memorial- uniqueà incorporating the sunken ship)


·       An interesting list of architecturally significant memorials



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